Changes to telephone number and system

Dear Patients,

We wrote to you some time ago to inform you about a change of telephone number. Our new telephone number is 0300 300 1700. Please note this number now if you have not done so already.

Since the change, patients have still been able to call our old number (020 8822 3800) and have then been redirected to the new number automatically, but this will be coming to an end soon to ensure all patients can access us in the same way.

Today, we have requested our telephony provider (North East London Foundation Trust) to end the automatic redirection and to now play an informative message on the old telephone number, for patients who may not have noted the new number as yet. The message will state: “This number has now changed. Please hang up and call the new number, 0300 300 1700, that’s 0300 300 1700. You will not be redirected to the new number. Thank you.”

Additionally, we have listened to patient feedback about using the telephone system, and we know that the option selection implemented by the previous provider has created an unpleasant patient experience. To address this, we have had all options removed on Thursday 11 August 2016, so patients can now call and get through to our staff with equal opportunities.

Please continue to feedback to us so that we can continue to improve your patient experience.